We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Arts education and experiences to children in the most economically stressed neighborhoods of southern California, thereby enhancing self-esteem, creativity, literacy, social and academic skills while strengthening the health and vitality of the children and their community. City Hearts inspires a love of the Arts, an appreciation of creative discipline, and respect for the creative process, enabling children and youth to be confident, imaginative, tolerant, generous and cooperative, as well as caring and contributing participants in the global community.

Numbers at a Glance

  • Research from the Children’s Defense Fund reports: CHILD POVERTY and DEEP CHILD POVERTY for 2016 in L.A. County is 23.4% of children in LA  County live in poverty; 8.9% of children in LA County live in ‘deep poverty’, which is defined as people living in households with 50% less than those in poverty.
  • City Hearts Has been transforming the lives of our community’s most at-risk and impoverished children since 1985. That’s 33 years of direct, consistent services.
  • City Hearts has touched the lives of 35,000 children since its inception
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