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Jane Addams Elementary School

“We could not be happier with the services from City Hearts.  Our school serves just over 900 students in one of the highest poverty areas of Long Beach, California.  About 10 percent of our students are homeless, and about 95 percent qualify for free and reduced lunch… The City Hearts program makes a measurable difference in our students’ lives, as many cannot afford or access after-school enrichment. The Dance program offered twice a week drew a waiting list immediately as our need is so great on our large campus… Thanks so much to the City Hearts program for continuing to make a difference in the lives of our students.”

Katie Hickox, Assistant Principal

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

“Thomas Jefferson [Elementary] School… serves a student population of about 870 students with a vast majority of English Learners.  All of our students are receiving free and reduced lunch… Besides our academic focus, one of our goals is to develop pathways towards the arts where City Hearts has embraced Jefferson Elementary School towards this goal.  City Hearts has engaged our students towards Dance, Digital Photography, and Shakespeare… City Hearts has built a relationship of care, pride, and dedication to our students at Jefferson Elementary School.”

Sal Aquino, Principal

Alexander Hamilton Middle School

“Hamilton Middle School is located in North Long Beach.  We have 911 students with 310 in 6th grade, 296 in 7th grade, and 296 in 8th grade… Of the 911 students, 88.4% are identified as socioeconomically disadvantaged, 32.6% are English Language learners, 1.3% are in foster care, and 15.4% have disabilities.  With us providing intervention courses such as Math Development and/ or College & Career Readiness, many of our students are unable to have an elective.  We are particularly interested in your dance and photography programs.”

Nicole Reyes, Assistant Principal

Stephen C. Foster Elementary School

“Focusing on the arts in the school day, before/after school brings great joy to our school’s community.  It has been a pleasure to work with great partners such as City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts.  As an advocate of all students having access to the arts, City Hearts helps to fill the void in our inner city school.  Stephen C. Foster is a beautiful Title One School in which all of our students receives universal breakfast and a free lunch… Our staff believes that the Arts help with increasing student achievement and attendance, along with increasing parent participation at the school. With the support of City Hearts, we are able to offer Shakespeare, Dance, and Photography to our students… City Hearts partnership helps to support the dream of “Fostering Learning Through the Arts”

Jessicka Mears, Principal

Whaley Middle School

“City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts has been providing exceptional programs in Shakespeare, Photography, and World Music/ Guitar to our students, who, in most circumstances, have no other opportunity for Arts enrichment.  We are very impressed with City Hearts work through these Arts programs… Whaley middle school is currently the home to 753 students spanning grades 6 through 8… Over 90% of our students qualify for the national School Lunch Program… Students are feeling more secure in their abilities and desire more classes and experiences through City Hearts programs.  We hope we will be able to have these vital and necessary programs for many years to come.”

– Keisha Robinson, Principal

Discovery Charter Preparatory High School

“Discovery Charter Preparatory is a comprehensive high school located at the border of Pacoima and Sylmar, California that welcomes and seeks students from all ethnic, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds… The area is among the least educated communities in Los Angeles… 87% of students are from low-income families and are eligible for free and reduced lunch, and 21% of Discovery Prep students are designated as English Language Learners.  We would like to promote City Hearts’ World Music: Guitar & Songwriting to be an integral part of our arts program at Discovery Charter Preparatory High School… I highly recommend and support the City Hearts programs, World Music: Guitar & Songwriting and FRESH FOCUS: A New Shot at Life Photography… This program is essential to our students’ academic and behavioral growth.”

– Karen Smith, Principal

Howard Tanner School

“I have been working with the City Hearts program for the past two years… Sherry Jason and her team were able to provide all the insurance and information I needed in a quick and efficient manner… The dance instructor running the program on our campus is kind, experienced, and inspires our students each and every class… The students can’t wait for class… and the parents are very happy with what they are hearing from their children… I found that everyone I talked to was very happy they had been part of one of City Hearts programs and it was unanimous, they would use City Hearts programs again… I am just enjoying having City Hearts on the campus and seeing the smiles on our students faces.”

–  Holly Hennessy, Principal





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