"Working with City Hearts fulfills my belief that providing positive role models as well as constructive and creative outlets to children helps to break poverty cycles and instill positive characteristics that lead to life-long success. City Hearts does a phenomenal job of targeting the most at-risk areas within Los Angeles and providing inspiring and life-transforming experiences." 

Carolyn Niner, City Hearts Board Member

“Without exception, we have seen the children involved in City Hearts flourish. For example, one nine-year old girl, dealing with a drug addicted father and the resulting family chaos, would rarely smile and shrunk away when expected to interact with others. Since attending City Hearts she smiles often and is able to return a hug or firm handshake with confidence. Her family problems continue, but we have seen evidence of tremendous growth in her self-esteem and ability to cope with a difficult home environment.”

 Director, Family Center

  “Youth who have learned to refer to themselves by their criminal classification – ‘I’m a 601,’ for incorrigibles and runaways; or ‘602’ for juveniles who have committed crimes – are finding a new identity and focus through the Arts.”

 Coming Up Taller, The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

“My daughter always wanted to enroll in a ballet class, and when she started class at the Studio it was, needless to say, a dream come true for her. To watch her face and listen to her after she came home from a class was such a thrill! I have begun to see the first changes in her, recognizing a new and exciting world for her through dance.”

Parent of City Hearts Student

 “When kids come into this courtroom they are down and depressed. This program helps them open up and mix with other kids, and they are forced to express themselves in a positive way. We’re not coddling criminals. The feedback is positive. You can see the difference in them after they attend class. So far, I haven’t seen any of these kids back [in the system].”

Superior Court Judge, Jaime R. Corral / Juvenile Justice Department

“Skid Row is only a mile from the Downtown Dance Studio. But to children, who live in decrepit hotels on the Row and travel to school to dance, the short distance represents a much greater leap in their lives.”

Zan Dubin/Los Angeles Times