Master Class with Grace Gealey (TV series Empire)

A.L.I.T.E. (Arts and Literacy for Tomorrow’s Education)


Our outstanding program of literacy-enhancement is incorporated into all our programs, and truly addresses the different ways in which children learn. Children write in journals to create their concepts and to document their experiences, enhancing their literacy, design, math/geometry and geography skills. Research into and discussions of global communities increase understanding of cultural diversity and helps build vocabulary skills.

Max's A-B-C (Anti-Bullying through City Hearts)


This initiative was introduced in 2012 in partnership with Max Adler (TV Show "Glee"), who was bullied as a child. Max's A-B-C creates change through the integration of creative Arts and performing exercises with peaceful language and conflict resolution skills, based upon research that specifically addresses the critical issue of bullying among our youth. It provides an awareness of the internal and external processes involved in bullying, and presents alternate forms of behavior that helps build confidence and communication skills so important for students challenged by the stress of school and peer pressures.  

Parents Participate Nights


These workshops harness the power of family and caregivers to motivate change. Parents are invited to participate and actively engage in their child’s Arts learning process through interactive exercises, perform with their children in scenes from plays, learn dance steps, or create photos. In our Shakespeare classes, parents move through warm-ups, vocal exercises, improv exercises, tongue-twisters, etc. with their children, experiencing the discipline of acting and performance, and the complex skills their children are acquiring. The family takes home additional fun exercises to further enhance everyone's learning experiences.

Master Classes


Professional artists in our community engage students through discussions of their own practical experiences in their creative fields, and provide additional “Art Tools” for our students. This strengthens their communication abilities, and further advances their skill development through more focused and advanced training.

Service Learning


In this community outreach program, students share their specific arts discipline by “giving back” to their community through a performance at a selected venue (for example, hospitals, transitional homes, or senior centers). In this way, intensive arts education training is integrated with activities that teach compassion and caring.